the cradle of peace

Artesanías las Gemelas
Miguel Ángel Flores

Formed in 1998, Artesanias las Gemelas works mostly with stamped wood. Miguel Angel Flores, the proprietor, had worked for years as a carpenter, and opened his own shop to pursue new designs. He named it for his twin daughters. The specialties include stamped images, images in three Dimensions, and decorated wood products.

Barrio El Tránsito, Cayaguanca
La Palma, Chalatenango
El Salvador, C.A.
tel: (503) 2305-8640

Fish of Jesus
Christian fish representation
Dimensions: 30cm and 20cm long
Crosses made of Jesus' name
Dimensions, from left: 17cm x 12cm, 21cm x 17cm, 33cm x 26cm, 33cm x 26cm, 12cm x 9cm, 21cm x 17cm
large cross with brilliant stamped image
Large crucifix stamped with Christian image
Dimensions: 59cm x 37cm
Weekly trinket
Religious weekly plan
Dimensions: 71cm x 16cm
Holographic Last Supper images in houses
House plaques with a holographic image of the Last Supper
Dimensions: 21cm x 25cm