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Artesanias El Tecomate
Carlos Alfredo Mancia and Leticia Valdivieso Mancia

Carlos Alfredo Mancia produces a very unique type of art: the painted tecomate, which is a vegetable traditionally used to transport water. It is a very important part of the culture in La Palma, and as a result, when Mancia started his own workshop in 1995, he named it Artesanias El Tecomate. There are now four members of the business, which also specializes in various types of painted seeds used in reproductions of biblical scenes and in other products.

Specialties: Painted tecomates, painted wooden crafts, painted and varnished seeds, unique designs.

Barrio San Antonio
La Palma, Chalatenango
El Salvador, C.A.

tel: (503) 2335-9114

Miniature angels made of wood
Angelitos de la Guarda - Little Angels of the Guard
Dimensions: 17cm x 5cm x 5cm
Wooden boxes containing domino pieces
Two Domino sets
Dimensions: 6cm x 8cm x 5.5 cm and 16cm x 5.5cm x 3cm
Five Crosses of various heights, all painted
Small crosses decorated with landscapes in the typical style. Larger crosses, from left to right: Jesus in the typical tyle, the New Creation, and a woman's cross.
Dimensions: small crosses 10cm x 7cm, larger crosses25cm x 15cm, 20cm x 15cm, and 20cm x 12 cm, respectively.
Seeds, handpainted
Jewelry made of seeds of the pacún and the conacá, handpainted.
The Last Supper
Depiction of the Last Supper
Dimensions: 20cm x 20 cm